Being able to swim, hike, golf for many more years. Getting down on the floor to play with the grandkids. Cleaning your home and carrying your own groceries. Keeping your independence for longer.

We all have our own motivations for hanging on to our health as our bodies age. The great news? It’s never too late to make small changes leading to big results.

Nutrition is a cornerstone to overall good health. Are your eating habits setting you up to hang on to health?

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Embrace The Years

For the past 9 years I’ve worked closely with adults as they age. Nutrition is an area for opportunity to preserve your well-being and further embrace this time of your life, no matter your stage of health now.

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Your Unique Story

Nutrition is not just about food and eating. Each person’s story is unique and has been built up through life’s lessons over the years. Let’s talk about them and find solutions that work for you.

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Your Schedule, Your Space

Avoid traffic, bad weather, parking and waiting rooms. Meet with Angela when it works for you, from the comfort of your own space with online visits.

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Nutrition coaching has proven benefits for lasting change.

Having personalized support will help you make changes that matter and form habits that last.

Being on-track with your eating can prevent disease or slow down it’s progress. This can mean better quality of life for the years to come.



Make your food and eating choices with confidence and certainty.

There’s a lot of nutrition information out there!

You deserve to KNOW that you’re doing the best you can for your nutritional well-being.

Untangle all those messages and make a plan that you can live your life with.

Dietitians are trained in helping people make lasting changes in their lives. Real changes that will get you real results … today and into life’s next chapters.


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Direct Billing Available

No need to pay up-front and wait for reimbursement.

Ask your insurance provider if your plan covers the cost of Dietitian services.

Discover how you can start PRESERVING and PROTECTING your nutritional well-being today.

Find out if we're a good right fit to work together. Ask questions about working with a dietitian. Discuss options that can help you succeed in eating with confidence and certainty for your best health.

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