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How can I deal with holiday eating this year? It’s a question that’s been brought up by clients since November. People sometimes feel out-of-control when it comes to eating at this time of year and they want to avoid making the same old holiday eating mistakes they have every year in the past.

If you’re also wondering how you can get through the holidays so you can:

1) keep up the traction you’ve gained with your health goals

2) avoid gaining too much weight and/or

3) actual enjoy the tastes of the season without guilt or feeling like you’re on a diet …. you’re not alone.

Here are the 3 most common mistakes I see people make when it comes to holiday eating.

Common holiday eating mistakes

1. Going to the party or function hungry.

It’s a common thought … “I know I’ll be eating extra tonight, I’d better skip lunch”. While this might feel like it makes sense in the moment, it usually backfires! When you’re hungry, everything tastes sooooo good. Meaning you’re liekly setting yourself up to overeat.

A better idea? Stick to your usaul eating schedule through the day and add a small snack before going out (assuming your event is in the evening and involves supper away from home).


2. Eating on the extremes.

I see people going to either extreme when it comes to holiday eating. Either they know they’ll feel guilty about indulging so they stay completely away from eating while out. Or, probably more common for people I work with … they go overboard with the treats. Because it’s the holidays … their diet is blown anyway … they’ll start their diet again on Jan 1.

A better idea? Make a plan beforehand. Allow yourself to have those treats that only come around at this time of year. Leave the chips and milk chocolate balls alone – you can have those anytime!


3. Sitting around … because you’re on holidays.

Along with the treats, the bigger portions and maybe some extra cheer thrown in, sitting around creates the perfect recipe for feeling bloated and lazy, having indigestion and maybe setting yourself up to gain a few pounds over the Christmas season.

A better idea? Take advantage of the beauty of winter whenever possible. Now, coming from a former ‘Winter-pegger’ … I know the weather is not always in our favor as Canadians. If this is true for you, now’s the time to brainstorm your backup activity plan. Do you have games you can play that get your body moving, something like a video dance game or a Wii? Can you add some handweights or resistance bands to your Christmas wish list?

If you’re in other parts of the country where the weather is more outdoor-friendly, the sky is the limits to the possibilities! Wintry walks followed by comforting tea, snow-people or fort building, skating, snowshoeing, skiing, tobagganing … makes me want to get up from my desk right now thinking about all the family fun that can be had!


Do any (or all?) of these holiday eating mistakes sound familiar for you? What is one thing you can do differently this holiday season that will help set you up for success?


If these holiday eating mistakes sound like your normal eating habits through the whole year, I can help. Are you ready to rethink your eating so you can take back control over your health?

Take a look at the program that can help you feel confident about your eating and prevent health problems in the future.

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3 Holiday Eating Mistakes to Avoid this Year
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