About Angela Hubbard RD

I want for you to have confidence and certainty about your eating. About your ability to take back control over how food fits into your life, in a good way.




In today’s world of social media and online marketing, so many food messages swirl around us constantly – whether we notice them or not. It’s no wonder many people feel like throwing their hands up in the air in surrender. It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what or who to believe anymore.


Eating can feel like a burden, especially if you’re trying to make a change or if you’re faced with news of a new diagnosis. All of a sudden, the foods you’ve always eaten, the ways you’ve always cooked, the routines and habits you’ve followed feel like they’re being questioned. What was once just something you did now feels ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ and everyone wants to give you their 2-cents on how to deal with it … whether you wanted to know or not! You may even feel anxious about eating, or restricted, or guilty, or judged, or just plain out of control.


As someone who’s made nutrition my life, and who also feels overwhelmed by it all sometimes, I can relate! Over the years, I’ve learned there are ‘real-life’ ways to make small tweaks to your eating that can have huge and lasting benefits to your overall health. Shifts in your habits that help you get rid of those feelings of dread about “what to eat now”. Simple tools to guide your choices, making ‘healthy’ the easy choice. I like to think that the days of saying “if it tastes good, spit it out” are gone!


I’ve also learned through my 9+ years of working with adults in mid-life and beyond that we can’t ignore the fact that your ways of eating have been built over a whole lifetime. But we also know that age is just a number. How many times have you paused and thought to yourself, “but I don’t feel 40 … 50 … 60 … 70 …!” Unfortunately, many people brush off diseases that come with age as normal or expected.


The great news is that age doesn’t have to mean poor health or an inability to live life as you choose. No change is too small nor too late. Working on your nutrition, in any way, can build a solid foundation for getting the most out of your day-to-day. No matter what your health looks like now, there are opportunities to preserve and protect it. Thats why Ive made this my career – to walk with you while sharing tools for navigating eating in these next chapters of life. To guide you toward feeling confident and certain about food again.


You’re in the right place if you’re looking to:

  • lose 10, 20, 50 pounds without fad diets – to feel better about yourself, take control of your eating or prepare for a surgery, everyone’s reasons are individual
  • learn how eating can still be enjoyable after getting a new diagnosis – heart disease, type 2 diabetes and weight can be well managed by making a few important tweaks to your eating patterns
  • make food choices with confidence and certainty – there are many people saying many things online. You shouldn’t have to feel confused about nutrition or wonder if you’re experimenting with your health. Work on just the areas that will make the biggest difference in your life and take the guesswork out of eating.
  • have a nutrition check-up – just to be sure that all your hard work is on the right track for your unique health journey
  • stop trying to piece together trustworthy nutrition information You can get a lot of interesting free information online. But sometimes you just need real answers to the questions you’re asking … from a real person who’s qualified to answer them.


How can Angela help?

For some people, losing weight is a first step on the journey to health. Maybe you’ve tried following different diets or joined a program or track your food. Maybe you’ve been successful … only to have the weight come back once you returned to old habits. If this sounds familiar, you may be interested to learn more about the Nourish your Health program. With this program, I help you get started, guide you through making and keeping changes and fill up your toolbox with strategies to help you through times when eating feels really hard. 


Do you feel like eating is just hard? Or you struggle with your relationship with food – eating feels like a struggle even though you know how important it is to nourish your body? Or maybe you call yourself an ’emotional eater’? If so, Craving Change® might be the solution that fills in the cracks that other nutrition or weight programs are missing.


For those people who want to learn a bit more, refine goals, get hand-picked strategies or just need the accountability, in the most personalized way, I also offer Monthly Nutrition Coaching packages.


Not sure where to start?

Let’s chat about it! Sign up for a free Q&A call and let me know what has been the hardest thing about making (or keeping) changes to your eating. We can talk about what might get you results and whether I can help you with that or not.