I am so happy to announce that I have officially gained Registered Dietitian status in BC, after moving from Ontario. This means I can officially unveil what I have been working on over the past few months ….



Doors are now open to Positively Nourishing Nutrition Consulting. There I said it outloud … yippee!!

I look so forward to this new chapter of my work. I’ve been very privileged in my many years of working with older adults living in long term care homes. I got to listen to their stories, see their strength, hear their challenges and help ‘stick up’ for their choices about their care. They shared patience, laughs, wisdom gained through years of lessons learned. I also worked closely with the family members of those who could not speak for themselves and together we helped their loved one live with dignity, be cared for with respect and have freedom with their food choices. I grew as a person and I thank them for the many lessons they shared even when they didn’t realize their impact. I have collected their stories in my memory, hoping that someday I can pass them along to someone else. We talked about cooking, living in the depression years, visits from children and grandchildren, food likes and dislikes, the struggles of a body that wasn’t keeping up with their mind.

It’s a common thought that aging means a failing body. But many illnesses don’t have to be part of getting older. It isn’t possible to control all things. But we do know that the way a person eats can often play a huge part, especially over time.

The great news? It’s never too late to make changes that matter. Maybe you’re hoping to preserve the health you’ve enjoyed in your life so far. Perhaps you have a illness and want to protect yourself from a path of worsening health.

I challenge you to think about your views of getting older, your assumptions about aging. What can you do to help yourself preserve and protect your nutritional well-being and embrace the next chapter of life?

I am so excited to be here. To share what I know. To walk with you on this journey.



Doors Open