Do I have to live in BC to work with Angela?

No. With the wonders of technology, I am able to work with you online from the comfort of your own space. For some people there will be a time change – but often this works to your benefit since I’m on the West coast! And with my online booking system, there’s no guessing about timezones. All sessions and reminders will automatically be for your timezone so you can mark your calendar and meet me at your computer.


What is a Registered Dietitian?

Registered Dietitians (RDs) provide nutrition advice to people, communities and governments. RDs base their recommendations on facts and deliver them to people without judgement, using language you can understand. Considering nutrition is a young science, the answers are not always clear and are often updated as we keep learning. RDs take their role very seriously and know how important it is to keep up with the latest information, to know all sides of the story. When you have all the pros and cons of a topic, you can make the most informed choice for you.

As with many other healthcare providers, RDs are regulated. This means we are registered as members of a College that monitors our ability to provide safe, ethical and professional care. To find out more about regulation of dietitians, read my post RDs are Regulated Health Professionals.

Who could benefit from working with an RD?

Anyone! Food is all around us and sometimes just knowing what to eat feels hard. Maybe …

  • you have a stubborn 10 pounds that just won’t go away
  • your blood sugars are a bit higher than you like or just won’t get under control even though you’re not doing anything differently
  • eating in social settings feels uncomfortable
  • you find yourself on one new diet after another
  • your blood work came back showing you have high cholesterol
  • your doctor starts you on pills to lower your blood pressure
  • you just don’t feel confident about your food choices
  • you received a new medical diagnosis and need to change your eating habits in order to manage it
  • you’re feeling your body change as it gets older and want to be sure you’re on the right track with eating

… or any other reason you might need to review the way you eat with a professional.

Do you just talk about Canada’s Food Guide?

No, there are different tools and strategies that will work better for different people. Will I talk about it at all? Well, yes probably. The latest version (2019) changed drastically from previous versions and it has many ideas in it to start great conversations. We will definitely talk about more than the food guide though!

From my work with others, some popular nutrition education topics have included:

  • making your favourite recipes healthier
  • understanding food labels to make food choices
  • meal planning
  • portion sizes
  • building a healthy relationship with food (aka mindful eating)
  • having less sugar
  • heart healthy eating
  • eating for weight management
  • shopping and preparing cost-effective meals
  • eating for diabetes
  • having more protein
  • making healthy snack choices
  • having more plant-based meals (aka vegetarian meals)
  • … and many more

You can read more about my thoughts on the food guide in my article, Myth of the Month: Dietitians just Teach the Food Guide.

Why might I consider working with Angela?

My mission is to provide you with nutrition advice you can use, when you need it. No one else has a life just like yours. The information we talk about will be designed to fit the way you live yourlife. You will be able to access your personalized plan, suggestions I have for you, your appointment/ payment history and more via the online client portal, whenever it works for you and from wherever you are.

Most of the programs I offer include email and/or live chat support meaning you can reach out when you think of it, not just at your next appointment. As well, my services have been designed in modules. This means you can create a package that is flexible fits with your learning style, financial resources and that will give you the level of support/ follow up that you need to reach your goals.

Over the past 9+ years of working as an RD, I have worked extensively with adults in mid-life and beyond. My main focuses have been on managing weight, heart diseases, diabetes and age-related nutrition concerns. I also work with people to take the burden and dread out of eating, helping them to reclaim their confidence and certainty about making food choices.

As a Registered Dietitian (RD), registered with the College of Dietitians of BC, you can be assured that I have the qualifications, experience and education to provide safe, professional, high quality nutrition care.

I am a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), a member of Dietitians of Canada (DC) as well as a member of multiple professional networks within DC. In addition, I am certified to deliver the Craving ChangeTM program for individuals and groups.

Where would I meet with Angela?

I have you and your busy schedule in mind! I am available to meet with you through video conference (similar to Skype or FaceTime), meaning no driving or parking issues, no snow or rain, no sitting in a waiting room for your turn. Just connect to the internet from your smart phone, tablet or computer in the comfort of your own space for our visit.

When it comes to follow ups, some people need a quick check-in or even just a reminder to review their goals. This is why I offer email, live chat, video and phone support within my packages to keep you on track and to answer the quick questions that come up between our visits.

Would I be missing out on something by having online sessions compared to in-person?

No. In fact, I believe that nutrition services fit very well with the ‘telehealth’ model and offer a wider range of benefits. These can include:

  • sessions for those people living more remotely, out of town or who are unable to leave their home
  • options for more flexible appointment times (note: if you’re not seeing convenient times for you available on my online calendar send me an email with your preferred dates/times)
  • more frequent check-ins via email / live chat or phone support when and where you need them vs saving up all your questions for our visits
  • no driving or travelling time for you meaning you can fit your session in on a lunch hour or between other commitments

Many health professionals are embracing these online-type of care models because it means they can be more available to clients and can give better care.

Aside from email support between sessions, I also provide clients with an online portal where all of your appointment information, payment records, copies of the forms you fill in, your recommendations, homework and handouts will be available to you when and where you need them. This is also where you will access the online video sessions and live chat support, making it a one-stop, secure place for all things related to our work together.

What is working with Angela like?

First things first. I want to understand your situation. This is why I will ask you to fill in a form before we meet so I can get to know your medical history, your concerns and what you are hoping to gain from our work together.

At our first appointment we will do a brief review of your information and then we’re ready to get started. From there, it’s up to you. I will be ready to share useful information and tips at each of our meetings, but you are the leader of your own care. It is yourlife, and you need to be the one to choose the things you are willing to work on or not.

During appointments, we will review food journals, set and review goals, discuss what worked and what didn’t, find solutions together. I will provide information in a variety of ways including discussion, links to resources, written materials and video. In the interest of saving paper, written materials will usually be provided electronically however can be printed and given in person or mailed to you.

All of your information will be kept confidential and secure as per Canadian privacy laws. As per regulations, I collect information you submit to me, keep notes about our visits and track your progress. At the end of our work together, your file will be securely stored and destroyed when appropriate.

Throughout our work, I promise that I will embrace your ideas and input. I will hear what you are telling me. I will present the facts. I will acknowledge that you know your body best. I will be open to various approaches, unless there may be potential harm. This is not just about food and eating. So many things in our lives play a part in our health and we will look at your life as a whole.

Can I have someone else attend appointments with me?

Absolutely. Sometimes in the process of our discussion, we can cover a lot of information. It may be helpful for you or someone else to take notes. It’s helpful to have that extra set of ears and to have someone who can help think of and ask questions along the way. If you have someone who comes to other medical appointments with you, this should be no different. Having someone else on your team can also help you make the changes you want to make!

A couple of ways I help you with keeping track of all the information include:

  • written summary of my assessment and suggestions
  • nutrition handouts related to the topics we talk about
  • worksheets for you to fill in as we go
  • online access to your client portal where you will find my recommendations, copies of forms, links to helpful resources, etc
  • email support, included in most of my programs

No need to worry about losing forms, thinking of a question or feeling confused between appointments … or not being able to read your own handwriting when you are re-reading your notes after our session.

Your support person can also review these things from your online client portal if you share it with them. If you provide permission (consent), they may ask questions or provide updates about your nutrition care on your behalf, as a member of your care team.

What if I travel during the year?

Again, with the wonders of technology, we can continue with your program (or even start a program) as long as you continue to have an internet connection! All of your appointment and payment information, documents and recommendations etc remain on your online client portal for you to access from wherever you are.


How do I start?

In most cases, anyone can book an appointment with an RD without a doctor’s referral. If your health benefit plan covers RD services, check with them about their requirements.

I'm Ready to Start  Once you’re ready to take the first step toward your best health.

Free Q&A call   Reserve your space for a free chat about your concerns and find out if now is the right time for you to begin working on them

What else should I know?

  • Private RD services are not covered by government health plans.
  • Many health benefit plans do cover the cost of working with a dietitian though – be sure to check your plan details. Some health benefits not covered through your base plan can be claimed through a separate health expense account. And, any outstanding amounts you pay can be claimed under medical costs when it comes time to file your income taxes.
  • If at any point during your care, you have a drastic change in your life, health, needs or goals, it is recommended to discuss adjusting your plan with Angela. Depending on the situation, a full re-assessment may be suggested in order to provide the safest and most effective care for your goals.