No, there are different tools and strategies that will work better for different people. Will I talk about it at all? Well, yes probably. The latest version (2019) changed drastically from previous versions and it has many ideas in it to start great conversations. We will definitely talk about more than the food guide though!

From my work with others, some popular nutrition education topics have included:

  • making your favourite recipes healthier
  • understanding food labels to make food choices
  • meal planning
  • portion sizes
  • building a healthy relationship with food (aka mindful eating)
  • having less sugar
  • heart healthy eating
  • eating for weight management
  • shopping and preparing cost-effective meals
  • eating for diabetes
  • having more protein
  • making healthy snack choices
  • having more plant-based meals (aka vegetarian meals)
  • … and many more

You can read more about my thoughts on the food guide in my article, Myth of the Month: Dietitians just Teach the Food Guide.

Do you just talk about Canada’s Food Guide?