Anyone! Food is all around us and sometimes just knowing what to eat feels hard. Maybe …

  • you have a stubborn 10 pounds that just won’t go away
  • your blood sugars are a bit higher than you like or just won’t get under control even though you’re not doing anything differently
  • eating in social settings feels uncomfortable
  • you find yourself on one new diet after another
  • your blood work came back showing you have high cholesterol
  • your doctor starts you on pills to lower your blood pressure
  • you just don’t feel confident about your food choices
  • you received a new medical diagnosis and need to change your eating habits in order to manage it
  • you’re feeling your body change as it gets older and want to be sure you’re on the right track with eating

… or any other reason you might need to review the way you eat with a professional.

Who could benefit from working with an RD?