My mission is to provide you with nutrition advice you can use, when you need it. No one else has a life just like yours. The information we talk about will be designed to fit the way you live yourlife. You will be able to access your personalized plan, suggestions I have for you, your appointment/ payment history and more via the online client portal, whenever it works for you and from wherever you are.

Most of the programs I offer include email and/or live chat support meaning you can reach out when you think of it, not just at your next appointment. As well, my services have been designed in modules. This means you can create a package that is flexible fits with your learning style, financial resources and that will give you the level of support/ follow up that you need to reach your goals.

Over the past 9+ years of working as an RD, I have worked extensively with adults in mid-life and beyond. My main focuses have been on managing weight, heart diseases, diabetes and age-related nutrition concerns. I also work with people to take the burden and dread out of eating, helping them to reclaim their confidence and certainty about making food choices.

As a Registered Dietitian (RD), registered with the College of Dietitians of BC, you can be assured that I have the qualifications, experience and education to provide safe, professional, high quality nutrition care.

I am a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), a member of Dietitians of Canada (DC) as well as a member of multiple professional networks within DC. In addition, I am certified to deliver the Craving ChangeTM program for individuals and groups.

Why might I consider working with Angela?