No. In fact, I believe that nutrition services fit very well with the ‘telehealth’ model and offer a wider range of benefits. These can include:

  • sessions for those people living more remotely, out of town or who are unable to leave their home
  • options for more flexible appointment times (note: if you’re not seeing convenient times for you available on my online calendar send me an email with your preferred dates/times)
  • more frequent check-ins via email / live chat or phone support when and where you need them vs saving up all your questions for our visits
  • no driving or travelling time for you meaning you can fit your session in on a lunch hour or between other commitments

Many health professionals are embracing these online-type of care models because it means they can be more available to clients and can give better care.

Aside from email support between sessions, I also provide clients with an online portal where all of your appointment information, payment records, copies of the forms you fill in, your recommendations, homework and handouts will be available to you when and where you need them. This is also where you will access the online video sessions and live chat support, making it a one-stop, secure place for all things related to our work together.

Would I be missing out on something by having online sessions compared to in-person?