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heart healthy foods cover page free guide to healthy eating for heart health and lower diabetes risks

A step-by-step approach to taking care of your blood sugars, cholesterol, blood pressure and getting to your best weight

Find out the most important steps to take with your eating instead of feeling lost in your internet search

Choose the health-friendly habits that fit best in your life instead of trying to change everything all at once

Make small changes, one-step-at-a-time for sustainable change instead of feeling like you’re on a diet and then giving up when life gets messy

Learn about the most over-looked points about changing your eating for life-long results


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*Clicking on the ‘Get your free downloadable copy’ link above not only gets you an electronic copy of the guide, but also sets you up to get extra support with each step over the next few weeks so you can get started right away! (Important: if you received a printed copy of this guide from a healthcare provider, be sure to register with the link above so you can also get this extra support)




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Next Free 1-hour Workshop: Fall 2021 to be announced

Replay available for people who register

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• Learn the most overlooked parts of making sustainable, life-long changes for your health.

• Participate in the live label-reading roundtable to understand what to look for when you’re grocery shopping.

• Work through the steps together and start using your action plan by the end of the call.

• Be on your way to seeing results in the next 3 months (so you can impress your doctor and hold off on medication).