** Thank you for stopping by to learn more about the Nourish your Weight Group Online Program! This program is currently closed for registration. If it sounds like the group you’ve been looking for, I invite you to join my waitlist to find out all the details about the next time it’ll be offered in 2021 **




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Are you looking for help with your weight so you can prevent diabetes and heart disease?



“My doctor has been telling me to lose a little weight now for a couple of years … I’m on blood pressure and cholesterol pills and now he says my blood sugars are kinda high. I don’t want to get diabetes. And who wants to have a heart attack?”


“Oh I’ve lost the weight before. I can do that no problem. I’ve tried every diet there is, been doing it all my life. But I just can’t seem to keep it off. Now I’m getting a little older and it’s getting harder and harder. And now with my knees hurting it’s even worse. I just want something sustainable.”


nourish your weight online nutrition program lose weight for health with heart made of veggies on scale that looks like a plateYou’re at a time in life when you’re thinking more about your health. You’re not 20 anymore, after all. You want more years to enjoy the people you love. You have many more things to do in life. And you don’t want to get diabetes like mom or dad did … or have a heart attack.

You’re feeling stuck, you know you should lose weight to help your health. But it’s hard. And you’ve tried … but even when you do lose some weight, you just can’t seem to keep it off. 

You dread going for your doctor’s visits ‘cause it’s always the same thing – lose some weight, or else. 

You just hate being that person who’s always on a new diet. But what else are you supposed to do? Dieting has been the only thing that’s worked. Everyone thinks you’re just not doing enough as it is. Don’t they know it’s on your mind all. the. time. 

And everyone seems to have an opinion. There’s so much information coming at you. You feel confused and unsure of where to start. You might even feel paralyzed to do anything at all. 



You want to lose some weight, yes. But more than that. You want it to be sustainable. You want to be healthy, to live well as your body gets older and to just enjoy food again.



You’re feeling

  • Hesitant to try again … like the weight is just going to come back anyway, and then some. Why bother?
  • Resentful that you’re the one who needs to change – food will be boring, you hate being the one on the ‘special’ diet. It’s not fair. Why can’t you just eat like everyone else and not worry about your weight?
  • Confused with trying to piece together all the information you read and hear.
  • Tired of food being on your mind all the time – obsessing about what to eat or what to avoid, feeling guilty or disappointed with yourself for overeating, having to count points or measure portions … feeling like there’s just something you’re doing wrong.
  • Defeated. You’re not that old! But age is starting to catch up with you, it’s getting harder to move around and you want to take control of your health before your health controls your life.


Now imagine …

  • Walking out of your next check-up with a prescription for less pills, better labwork and blood pressure and a smile from your doctor
  • Knowing that you’re on the right track … but also that even through the harder days, you’ll have expert guidance and the support of a community of people working toward the same goals as you.
  • Keeping up with your friends, kids or grandkids. No more huffing and puffing on evening walks. Having less bloating, reflux and pain in your knees. Being able to keep up with your work demands. Feeling more energized and fuelled instead of irritable, run-down and angry with yourself.
  • Feeling proud of the small changes you started with that are now just habit. And looking forward to seeing what else you can do! Knowing your changes will be long-term … without restriction, depravation or resentment. No complicated new routines or diet rules that you feel the need to explain over and over to others. 
  • Really enjoying the foods you choose, without guilt or feeling judged. Not having to eat the same ‘safe’ foods day in, day out. Eating more, nourishing your body and not having to wait until you’re shaking before you eat.




This is why the Nourish your Weight Group Online Program was created


This is a program to help you manage your weight so you can improve your health, without sacrifice, expensive products or complicated systems.

I’ve seen all too often how disheartened people feel by the time they’ve had enough and decide to ask for help from a dietitian. The restrictions they’ve been instructed to follow, the misinformation they’ve been told to believe, the misguided and sometimes even harmful recommendations. Only to leave the person feeling lost, unconfident, sceptical, and angry with both themselves and the medical system.


You deserve better.



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Program registration is currently closed … but in the meantime, join me for a free workshop to get you started! 


Achieve your health goals with The Nourish your Weight Online Group Program by

  • Learning simple, yet effective, real-life strategies that you can fit into your usual day-to-day life so change doesn’t have to feel so hard and you can end the dieting cycle.
  • Understanding how to work with your body, instead of against it so you don’t have to feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle and you can be strategic with your changes. 
  • Choosing the sustainable eating pattern that you can live with so you can take the guesswork out of which diet to follow and be consistent, for long-term success.
  • Receiving expert guidance from a Registered Dietitian so you can trust the information you get is accurate, science-based and effective for your specific health concerns.
  • Creating a plan that takes you through the steps to success, from the beginning through to maintaining all of your hard work once you’ve completed the program. 
  • Having support from a safe, private community of people working through the same goals as you so you can stay motivated through the good days and the not-so-good ones.



The Nourish your Weight Online Group Program includes:

  • 3 months of access to all the online program resources so you can use them at your own pace and go back to review anything you want extra help with.
  • Weekly video calls to discuss the week’s topic and ask Angela your questions, face-to-face, so you won’t get stuck as you start using the strategies and tools. Can’t make it to the live call? No problem, they’ll all be recorded and available for you to watch when it works for you.
  • Videos, worksheets, check-in activities, templates and handouts so you can not only learn the topic but put the information into a plan that you’ll take action with. 
  • A safe, private online community that is only open to members of the program so you can share your tips and tricks, your wins and your struggles and support each other through your journey.


With the option of having additional individualized support, you’ll have all the benefits of the Group Program, plus the one-to-one time with Angela that will help you really put your personal plan into place. During your individual one-to-one coaching sessions, you can work on topics that are tailored to your custom journey, work through your personal questions that might not be suited for group discussion and work out your strategic plan for the 3 months of the program and beyond.


This group program is for you if you:

  • are at risk of health concerns related to your heart health, blood sugars or weight
  • want to lose that 10-30lbs your doctor has been talking about for the past couple of years
  • are feeling confused by all the messages out there and are unsure of how to start
  • want to learn sustainable strategies that are backed by science
  • like having a group to support you on your journey
  • learn best when you can work through the lessons when it’s good for your schedule
  • want a real person to answer your questions along the way instead of trying to figure it all out yourself



A bit about Angela Hubbard, Registered Dietitian

Angela Hubbard dietitian smiling with peach shirt on


As a Registered Dietitian, I see so many people struggling with their weight. Feeling really terrible about how their bodies have changed … but even worse about how it might be affecting their health. Being told they’re doing something wrong and feeling judged that they aren’t trying hard enough.

Through my 10 years of working with people in their adult years, I’ve become passionate about helping people take back control over their health…before it feels like it takes control over their life.

It’s a natural thing to feel worried about your future if you get a new diagnosis of high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugars. But living a fulfilling and healthful life is possible … I’ve seen it and I want that for you.

I’ve learned and collected tried-and-true strategies throughout my career – starting in my accredited internship to become a Registered Dietitian, to gaining a Certified Diabetes Educator designation, to using the Craving Change® program in practice and most importantly, from seeing the successes of my clients.

When I’m not working with clients in my private practice, I love cooking with my little one at home, reading, staying connected with friends and family across the country and taking in the sights and fresh air of Northern BC.



This program might be helpful if you’re

  • entering a time in life when you’re thinking more about your health as your body ages?
  • wondering how to prevent getting diabetes or having heart issues like your friends or family members?
  • wanting to stop the progression of your metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes?
  • tired of hearing your doctor tell you over and over that you need to lose a little weight, change your eating or lower your cholesterol or blood pressure?
  • ready to start making changes in the next 1-3 months?
  • feeling confused about where to start?




But I’m not good with computers …

Concerned about signing up for an online program?

Although this is an online group program you don’t need to be a “tech-y” person!

Clients who’ve used the online client portal have told me it’s super convenient and easier than FaceTime or Skype.

What technology do you need to be comfortable with? If you can open an email, you’ve got this! All communication will be send to you by email. In those emails will be links to sign into your online program account where you’ll be able to access all of the course material and video calls!

You’ll also get email reminders about the weekly calls and check-ins to keep you moving forward with the program.




Who this program is not meant for

If the Nourish your Weight Online Program sounds interesting to you, but you say yes to any of the following, working with Angela on an individual basis is probably a better option for you than joining this group.

Do you have:

  • special dietary needs to manage another medical condition that you haven’t been able to get under control yet?
  • chewing or swallowing concerns and need to alter the texture of your diet?
  • to follow a fluid restriction to manage a heart condition such as congestive heart failure?
  • complex medical conditions that are not well controlled such as digestive conditions, multiple food allergies, severe nutritional deficiencies
  • kidney problems where you need to follow a special diet, a fluid restriction or have dialysis?
  • a weight loss goal of more than 50lbs or a BMI over 35?
  • a history of disordered eating or concerns about your relationship with food?
  • plans to become pregnant in the next 6 months or are currently pregnant or breastfeeding?



I know you have many options to choose from.

I’d love to hear from you if this sounds interesting but you’re unsure if it’s the program for you. Sign up for a free Introduction Q&A chat with me or send me a message if you’d like to talk about your specific situation and concerns.



This is an action-driven program – not a lecture on nutrition!

This is not just another meal plan to follow with vague messages to ‘eat a healthy diet’.

You’ll be guided through the specific changes to make. You’ll have many opportunities to practice what we talk about and find ways to start using the strategies immediately. 

What will I take away from this program?

As a Nourish your Weight Group participant, you’ll learn how to

  1. Get past the confusion, stop searching for the ‘right’ diet and actually get started on a sustainable plan 
  2. Make it work in real life and have the flexibility you need while still managing your health well
  3. Stay motivated with your new habits and maintain successes over the long-term

This is not just another online course that you’ll pay for and never do anything with!

If you’re not showing up to the calls, participating with the worksheets along the way or checking in with me by email – I’ll be reaching out and finding out what you’re getting stuck with! 




If this is an online program, how can I ask questions or get support along the way? How will I learn all of this online?

Yes, this is an online program … but that does not mean you will be left to do it all on your own! 

Over the 3 months of the program, you’ll have access to an online account where all of the information is kept. There will be videos, handouts, activities and worksheets for you to learn every each week.

Each week there will be a live group video call where you’ll learn more about the week’s topic from me and have the chance to ask questions. This is the time for asking questions, discussing and learning with (and from) each other!

If you’re not able to attend the live calls, they will be recorded and available in your program account so you can catch up when you want. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to ask questions! Just email them to me ahead of the scheduled call and I’ll be sure to address them for you.

As well, there will be a private community forum that only Angela and the program members will have access to. Here you can chat with others, ask questions and offer support for each other. 

During our 3 months together, we’ll really have the chance to get to know each other and support each other through all of life’s ups and downs when it comes to making change. 

You are an individual … not just another seat taken in the group.

If you’re not showing up to the calls and you’re not participating with the worksheets along the way or checking in with me by email – I’ll be reaching out and finding out what you’re getting stuck with!

Additionally, an individual coaching package can be purchased to compliment your group program. This might be something to consider if you’ve struggled with your weight for a long time and have tried many diets in the past.


Is there a payment plan?

Yes there is a payment plan option so you can spread your investment out over each month of the program. All the details will be available during the online checkout process.


Can I get my money back if I don’t feel supported by this program?

You are the most important piece of this program and supporting you through this journey is my priority. 

While it’s not possible to guarantee the results you are hoping for, I promise to help ensure that this is the right fit for your goals before you invest in the program.

I also promise that you will be given the most accurate and strategic information that’s helped others achieve their health goals in the past. That your questions will be answered in a timely basis. That you’ll have my full support. That you’ll be held accountable through the journey. 

That’s why you will be able to request a refund within the first 14 days of the program. So you can have 2 weeks of online group calls, access to the first 2 weeks of resources and a chance to check out the Nourish your Weight online discussion community … all so you can feel confident that this is the program for you!




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Program registration is currently closed … but in the meantime, join me for a free workshop to get you started!