Any health-related information provided on this website is intended for general purposes. A complete medical and/or nutritional assessment is required before specific advice can be provided to you.

If at any point during your care, you have a drastic change in your life, health, needs or goals, it is recommended to discuss adjusting your plan with Angela. Depending on the situation, a full re-assessment may be suggested in order to provide the safest and most effective care for your goals.

Recommendations provided to you by Angela are made on an individual basis and consider your unique health needs. Your customized nutrition plan should not be given to other people with the intent to prescribe nutrition care for them.


Policies and Consent

During the appointment booking process, you will be provided with policies and consent forms relating to working with Angela. These include why personal information will be collected as well as how it might be used. These will be available for you to review prior to finalizing your booking with payment.


Payment, Refund and Cancellation Notes

  1. The price you see is the price you pay. Taxes are exempt for one-to-one nutrition coaching.
  2. Payment accepted by credit card and is due in full at time of booking. Select packages have a payment plan option available – details provided on the bookings page. You will receive receipts for each payment made to show that payment was successful and that your credit card was charged.
  3. You will receive a receipt at the end of your session/program that confirms session was completed and that includes information needed by insurance companies for benefit reimbursement.
  4. Twenty-four (24) hours notice is needed to cancel/reschedule your appointment. If 24 hours notice is not provided, a fee of $50.00 will be charged to you.
  5. Refunds not permitted for First Visits (Initial Assessments), programs less than 3 months long or Solo Sessions. Refund requests for eligible programs must be received within the first 30 days and reimbursement amount will be pro-rated based on work already completed.
  6. One (1) hold may be requested, at no charge, for up to 2 weeks on any program that is 3 months or more (i.e. Jumpstart my Plan, Craving ChangeTM, Maintain the Change). This means that if you are temporarily unable to attend visits, you can pause the work you’re doing with Angela (for example if you are sick or will be away on vacation). If you need a longer period of time away from the program, please contact Angela to discuss on an individual basis with the understanding that a longer time away from the program may result in a set-back in your progress.


Online Booking Site – Practice Better

With your online booking site, you will be able to book and reschedule appointments with Angela. You will also have access to handouts, resources, food journals, your nutrition questionnaires as well as summary notes from sessions.

The website hosting this service is called Practice Better and has been designed for online nutrition consults specifically. They promise a secure way to provide payment as well as protect your personal information.

Use of this site is included when you work with Angela and there are no additional fees for maintaining this service. You will need a user name and password if you choose to have access to this service in order to uphold the security that Practice Better promises. Your password is not visible to Angela.

If you choose to not participate with this account/service, please inform Angela. Appointment scheduling and payment can be completed by phone instead. However, Angela will continue to use the Practice Better platform for documentation of sessions as it is a more secure option than others available to Angela.


Any questions or inquiries about the the above information can be forwarded to:

Angela Hubbard

email: info@positively-nourishing.com

phone: (647) 629-2443

fax: (778) 771-0997