Thank you for booking your Q&A Call with me! I’m excited we’ll have this chance to chat about the struggles you’re having with your nutrition.

You might be wondering … now what?? Hopefully this will help you get feel prepared for our chat and give you some things to think about before we meet.


During our 15-20 minutes together, we’ll talk about:

  • a brief review of your situation, concerns, struggles
  • how or if nutrition coaching might help you
  • how I approach working with people, what you can expect
  • possible next steps if nutrition coaching is something you’d like to go ahead with

Please note this is not a call to discuss my recommendations for managing your nutrition. That involves a closer look at your health and will be discussed during your First Visit if you choose to work with me.


You might also be wondering what the role of a Dietitian is in nutrition coaching …

I see my job as helping you to:

  • make sense of allllll the nutrition stuff out there, to help you untangle truth from sales tactics
  • focus in on the specific things that will actually make a difference for you, to tune out some of the noise out there about nutrition and well-being
  • feel confident about how food fits into your life, to really truly enjoy eating for the many reasons we eat rather than dreading it
  • fill up your toolbox with tips and tricks for navigating food and eating with certainty

Right now there’s an incredible amount of information out there in the areas of health and wellness. I see my job as providing nutrition advice that’s professional, accurate and most importantly, ‘do-able’.

I work with adults who have a lifetime of experience about themselves and I value the insights you can give to the discussion! With those insights I can help empower you with the right tools so you can feel prepared to embrace and really live the next chapters that life has in store for you.


In order for you to have the best possible experience when working with me, and because I truly value having a partnership …

There are 3 factors I’d like you to consider before we meet. These will help us understand if we will be a good fit to work together:


Take a moment to think about what you expect from working with a Dietitian. Here are a couple of things I expect from our partnership:

  • Accountability: I commonly hear from people that they want accountability, they feel like they are ‘lacking willpower’ in their journey. This is why I will set up a framework for follow-ups, progress reviews and check-ins.
    • I expect you to show up too! How? By literally showing up for our appointments of course. But also by emailing me between sessions, responding to messages, doing homework, and keeping open communication.
  •  Open Communication: I promise to listen to any and all ideas you have about where/how you see your plan going and I’ll help you set up realistic timeframes and goals.
    • I expect you to be open about what’s working or not in your plan. If I know about your struggles, I can help you work through them and adjust the plan where needed.
    • I expect you to also be open to hearing the pros and cons of all ideas so you can make informed choices.

Is now a good time in your life to make nutrition a priority?

  • I will be sending scheduled and sometimes unscheduled emails or messages. I obviously understand that things come up, life happens. When you’re able to get information back to me within a few days, I’ll be able to give more timely and more helpful feedback.
    • I expect you to respond to messages and email check-ins, to schedule your follow up appointments within the timeframe of your program, to complete tasks such as food journal when requested.
  • One great feature of working within my system is that messages and your online client portal are at your fingertips 24 hours a day! You can check-in with me at your convenience and when you think of it; you can complete tasks when, where and how it best fits into your lifestyle.

Is nutrition coaching something you’re able to contribute resources to at this time?

  • Do you have health insurance benefits or a health expenditure account that can help offset the costs of private nutrition coaching? Definitely worth looking into if you haven’t already! Paying out of pocket may be a burden if you don’t have insurance.
    • This comes back to open communication! If you’re able to share with me what resources you have, we’ll be able to design your program to maximize the benefit. I have set up my programs to be mix-and-match style so there is flexibility.


No matter what your answers are to these points, or what we discover during our conversation, how you choose to go ahead is completely up to you!




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Thanks again for planning your next step toward making nutrition a priority in your life. I look so forward to meeting you!