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Nutrition is not just about food and eating. Each person’s story is unique and has been built up through life’s lessons over the years. Together, we’ll look at your life as a whole. But at the end of the day, this is your journey to live and I will support that in any (safe) way I can.

You know your body the best!

This seems obvious … but I’m constantly surprised at the comments people share with me about conversations with other health practitioners. The ones who say “it’s all in your head”. Or who tell someone they’re ‘obese’, that they should lose 10 pounds and then send them on their way to do it on their own. Or who give the ultimatum to eat healthier and be more active or get diabetes … and still no help.

I know you’ve tried many things. You’ve tried different diets. You’ve probably even lost the weight, once, twice, maybe more times … only to have it come back.

Throughout our work, I promise that I will embrace your ideas and input. I will hear what you are telling me. I will present the facts and I’ll be open to various approaches.

You bring so so much to our work together and my number one goal is to build on the things that have worked for you. No huge set of new systems that you have to learn, no counting or adding.

Your plan will be at your pace and on your terms. Think of my role as a co-pilot. Your righthand navigation team to keep you on course, update you on the latest helpful info and make sure you don’t fall asleep on the job 😉


You’re here visiting this website because you’re looking for help. I’d love to offer you just that. But I know it’s a big step, a big choice and a big commitment!  

If you want to learn more, let’s chat about what you’ve tried in the past and how we might be able to turn that story around into one of success. Sign up for a Free Q&A call or message me to say hi.

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